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About ONNO Grill & Bar


Our Team

ONNO Grill & Bar is located in the unique Bedri Rahmi Cove in Göcek, intertwined with the sea and nature. This venue, surrounded by historical and natural beauty, offers an atmosphere enriched by the traces left by Turkish painter and poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu. Under the guidance of renowned culinary figures such as Maksut Aşkar and Erim Leblebicioğlu, Chef Yusuf Özyürek and his team aim to provide unforgettable flavors inspired by Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines.

Our Kitchen

Our restaurant prioritizes sustainability and is eco-friendly, placing great importance on the use of fresh and local products. Each dish is meticulously prepared to reflect the natural beauty and freshness of the region. ONNO Grill & Bar hosts its visitors with experiences that appeal both visually and to the palate.



Our bar section stands out with signature cocktails prepared with fresh ingredients and events featuring famous DJs from Turkey. In our bar's extensive outdoor seating area for 150 people, you can enjoy selections from our specially prepared bar menu along with live DJ performances and unique cocktails. With its relaxing atmosphere and the energy it adds to Göcek nights, our bar is the perfect place to create unforgettable moments with friends.

Tailored for You

Our outdoor dining area, with a capacity of 250, is an excellent venue for special events, weddings, business meetings, and private celebrations. Accompanied by the enchanting scenery of Göcek, our professional team is here to make your dream events a reality. ONNO Grill & Bar eagerly awaits to greet you with fresh flavors and innovative presentations on every visit.

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